Our Pilates is a mat based class which runs on a Monday. This class is suitable for all abilities, options are given throughout the class to make a certain exercise easier/harder so you can work at a level which suits you. There is no experience required. 

Pilates uses a breathing technique called lateral breathing to allow the body to flow through the movement to increase body strength, flexibility and to aid relaxation. It was created by a man named Joseph Pilates and was originally called ‘Controlology’, so it is all about learning to control the movement within the exercise. 

Within the class you will work on the body evenly with a focus on core strength which can improve your posture, wellbeing and general fitness. Elements of the class with be able to be adapted into everyday living, such as having an awareness of better posture which can be incorporated into a good sitting posture for work at a desks etc.



19:30–20:15  Adults

All of our adult classes are pay-as-you-go. You must reserve your place each week via our booking platform. Payment is made via Bank Transfer.


If you have your own mat then please bring this. We do have some which can be used in class, you may wish to bring a towel to lay over the top of the mat, although mats are sanitised after each use.

We have some mats available for purchase at classes and these are £5 each.

If you have your own resistance band then you are welcome to bring your own, we do have enough for everyone to use at class. Please note these may not be used every week. 

Please wear suitable clothing which you can move in.



A very well known style, working on grace and control in one’s movement. This style uses arm positions and varying leg lines to create a completely effortless image.

Tuesday and Wednesday


Another dance form seen in musical productions. A dancer uses their feet to create impactful sounds on the floor, often in unison with other performers.

Tuesday and Wednesday


A form of exercise, similar to Yoga, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.