Tap is where the dancer creates different rhythmical patterns by wearing tap shoes which have metal plates on the ball and heel of the foot. 

We offer Adult Tap classes at 2 levels, Beginners and Improvers. Our Beginners class is suitable for those who have no previous experience in Tap Dance or those who used to take tap classes as a child and are looking to return to the hobby and refresh their knowledge. Our Impovers class is suitable for those who have taken Tap classes as an adult for a while or attended a lot of classes as a child and have a good knowledge of Tap and the different vocab steps and their technique.

Both classes focus on building a tap vocabulary and placing these steps into a range of sequences and routines.  Classes are fun and there to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lessons will be based around the wishes of the participants and planned to their ability.

We have some of our Improvers who would like to aim for exams, but this is not compulsory. We have previously had the following adults take part in exams:
Cathryn P – Grade 1 Tap Merit, Sarah P – Grade 2 Tap Merit, Kelly C – Grade 2 Tap Merit, Katrina – Grade 3 Tap Merit, Kelly C – Grade 3 Tap Merit



19:00–19:45  Beginners


19:15–20:00  Improvers

All of our adult classes are pay-as-you-go. You must reserve your place each week via our booking platform. Payment is made via Bank Transfer.


Tap shoes with a ball and heel tap. If you are attending for the first time and don’t have tap shoes yet then we recommend trying the class out in trainers to start with. Trainers do make it harder as you are not making the sound but it helps you to understand what you are aiming for. 

Please wear suitable clothing which you can easily move in and also a drink of water.



A very well known style, working on grace and control in one’s movement. This style uses arm positions and varying leg lines to create a completely effortless image.

Tuesday and Wednesday


Another dance form seen in musical productions. A dancer uses their feet to create impactful sounds on the floor, often in unison with other performers.

Tuesday and Wednesday


A form of exercise, similar to Yoga, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.