Both of our Adult Ballet classes are mixed ability with no experience necessary. Within the class we take you through the basics of Ballet including the 5 feet positions and various arm lines. Classes generally start at the barre for some gentle barre work where you have support for your balance, we then come into the centre where we will then start to add travelling movement, pirhoutes and jumps.

Our classes cover both adage (slow, controlled and sustained work) and allegro (bouncing/jumping work) which helps to build on your strength, control and stamina. Ballet is a classical dance form danced to piano music. We use a variety of tracks including piano versions of well known songs as well as the traditional Ballet class music. We also teach you the french terminology which is used in a traditional Ballet class. 

Classes are fun with a focus on improving stamina and strength in the body whilst making movement look effortless. We sometimes will use the steps learnt and practised to put together a routine. We are happy to work on certain aspects that students want to work on. Classes are planned to the ability of the students booked each week.



19:45–20:30  Adults


20:00–20:45  Adults

All of our adult classes are pay-as-you-go. You must reserve your place each week via our booking platform. Payment is made via Bank Transfer.


We recommend investing in Ballet shoes, these can be pink or black in colour. We sell Ballet shoes for £9 each or you can source your own. For your first session, if you don’t have Ballet shoes we could recommend socks with grippy parts on the bottom as the floor can get cold in the winter. 

We occasionally will use the floor for some strengthening and floor barre exercises so a mat may be used, you are welcome to bring your own or we have a couple available to use at class. Mats are sanitised after each use.



A very well known style, working on grace and control in one’s movement. This style uses arm positions and varying leg lines to create a completely effortless image.

Tuesday and Wednesday


Another dance form seen in musical productions. A dancer uses their feet to create impactful sounds on the floor, often in unison with other performers.

Tuesday and Wednesday


A form of exercise, similar to Yoga, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.